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How to farm dungeons and raids more efficiently - WoW Speed Farming

Farming dungeons and raids can make you lots of gold! And to make it more fun, don't forget to speed your favourite characters up. But to achieve hyper-speed faster, you may want to consider doing some adjustments to your farming style, if you're not already doing speed farming!

wow speed twink
Running faster than a mount? Inside a dungeon? Easily!

 Speed Farming!

My favourite way to farm any kind of older content is with a level locked character stuck at level 50. Some people prefer to be level 45 and some even 60. It's mainly up to your preference, and opens up new farms. Every choice has some benefits the others don't, like Azerite speed upgrades and covenant abilities. For example, a level 60 speed toon can outrun a mount outdoors, possibly even a flying mount if buffed up. This makes farming current content materials very efficient.

As for classes, Druid is S-tier, Hunter and Monk A-tier and Rogue B-tier in my opinion. But I even have Paladins running super fast that are perhaps the least efficient farmers.

To prevent you from accidentally leveling up, visit either Behsten if you're Alliance or Slahtz if Horde, to get your level locked in place.

Gearing up

Gearing up is simple! I'll be discussing level 50 speed in this post.

You'll want to use an external website for looking up equipment that has Speed tertiary stat, as the auction house in game is very limited when it comes to search filters, and I have yet to find an addon that improves that.

You'll probably want to use The Undermine Journal for this purpose. On the right side you can choose "Minor Stats" to look up Speed gear on your preferred Realm.

level 50 speed twink
You can find a green item with Speed for all of your equipment slots, and Speed items appear surprisingly often for very small amounts of gold.

However, a level 50 character wants to equip an Azerite armor in the head, shoulder and chest slots that has the Longstrider Azerite trait.

An Azerite Headpiece with Longstrider can be obtained from the The Great Sea Scrolls quest, at least for leather users. You must have the Heart of Azeroth necklace first, though, which you can get at level 50 by starting a quest in your BFA main city.

Shoulders and chest both are the easiest to get just by buying benthic items in Nazjatar. They all should have Longstrider on them. 

Don't forget speed enchants, food & gems!

There's some very good consumables/enchants/gems you can use to maximize your speed, so try to look up for items with at least 2 gem slots total. These should be prioritized, as they are better than Speed stat, but only in 2 sockets.

- Straddling Sage Agate
- Straddling Viridium

Cloak: Fortified Speed
Boots: Minor Speed
Weapon: Windwalk (Does not work if you use a speed food, so food is preferred, as it procs from every kill. Windwalk does proc very often, but gives approximately the same speed)

- Bear Tartare

Addons that increase your farming efficiency

There's some addons you want to have enabled whenever speed farming.

Faster Loot

This is the best! You can almost loot while running, as there's no delay in the loot window. So no downtime for looting.

Leatrix Plus

Further optimizes the game to be faster and more efficient in many ways. But you have to tweak it's settings to find what you like.


Use it's keybind to mark items you are hovering as trash, then the button next to the repair icon on a vendor to instantly sell all items marked as trash. No need to click every junk green or BOP epic one at a time!

Loot Appraiser

Get a notification whenever you loot an item that is valuable. No more accidentally selling valuables! When you hear the sound, just move the item in question to a secure spot in your bag, and make sure you haven't marked as junk with scrap.

However, not all valuable items are worth selling. Check the sell rate. If it's 0.01, it probably is not worth selling, unless it's very valuable and you know it's not fake value. Instead look for items with a higher sell rate than that. Even if the price is only 500 gold but sell rate 0.04, it's worth listing it in the auction house, as it will sell sooner or later.


TradeSkillMaster needs to be set as the source for prices with the Loot Appraiser addon.


Gives information that Blizzard refuses to give, such as your movement speed! Very important if looking to maximize your speed and compare different enchants and gear setups.

What instances to speed farm?

There's plenty of instances that are worth speed farming, and some are better than others. For the time being you can use the Instance Farming category on the left, but I would like to also revisit the best instances to farm in a different style that will give a better picture of the common and more uncommon items you can expect to find in each one if planning on doing some serious farming, and skip the worse dungeons and raids altogether.

If I have forgotten something or you have a good addition to this post, feel free to post a comment!

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