Thursday, July 7, 2011

Loot Hunters: Getting rich in Ahn'Qiraj

Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj aka AQ20 in Silithus is still one of my favourite instances to farm, even though all bosses drop only about 20-50g as pure gold now, unlike the 250g they used to drop if I recall right. I can still usually profit about 1000-3000g, depending on if RNG likes me, from one AQ20 run and a few AQ40 bosses!

How to enter a raid instance without outside help!
It's a raid instance once again, so you need to form a raid group in order to enter. This time around I have a nice little trick for you that allows you to enter a raid instance without inviting anyone... Well, except yourself!

While it would be faster to invite some random nab, I prefer this method as you don't need to rely on anybody else. If you play during odd hours, it might be impossible to find someone you could abuse or you might even get kicked out of the instance if for some reason the other user has to log out and you get a dc during a boss fight.
  1. Enter account management
  2. Create a new trial account under the same account
  3. When you login, you get to choose which WoW account you log into
  4. Create a toon on the new account and level it to 10 so you are eligible for raid groups. It's extremely fast even without heirlooms. Just do a couple of quests (*And check nearby treasure chest and rare monster spawn points. Each will give about 1000 exp at these levels, granting you easy level ups!)
  5. Open a new WoW window and login onto your main account (wow1) and reduce the other window's size a bit so it won't be so laggy
  6. Invite your slave character into a group and convert into a raid!
  7. Close the other window and start raiding!
Protip: Trial accounts do not expire anylonger so you can still login onto your slave toon at any point you wish, even after 14 days.

*: I will release a Treasure Hunting guide soon that focuses on hunting chests and rare monsters for some yummy exp and gold, instead of your regular questing guide!

I can crush some bugs nao?
The 20 (Ruins) instance is one big Tank & Spank, so no tactics are needed for any of the fights, at least on a level 85 hunter. I can simply send my pet in and nuke them all down in no time. If you are playing on a different character and are not sure how you should handle a certain fight, leave a comment and I will assist.

There are 6 bosses in the instance and the only one that might give you trouble would be Ayamiss. If your dps is too low and are a pet user, you might get into trouble. If you have control of your pets, make them assist you should you get sacrificed.

I've been able to find even 3000g worth of items from both AQ20 and 40. The latter takes a bit longer to clear since the bosses require more tactics and some will still not be soloable.

But it doesn't matter. I don't farm bosses only. Trash mobs are not trash here, each may carry valuable items!

How I do it as a Hunter
Spec: 7/31/3

As a hunter I use a turtle pet with only defensive talents for soloing raids and heroics. They take less damage than your average death knight tank of the same level and can even solo the bosses if you are interested in AFK kills.

My pet stays at 99% hp all the time due to Silverback and Spirit Bond. And if it's not enough, I toss a mend pet too.

Spec shouldn't matter, but I stick to Marksmanship for those one shot Aimed Shot kills and AOE Multi-Shot spam with 10 focus costs! Glyph of Misdirection is extremely helpful. I try to keep it up 24/7 so I don't have to melee.

I use the following misdirection macro so I don't have to target my pet manually everytime.

#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [@focustarget,help,exists,nodead] [@pet, exists, nodead] [] Misdirection

It targets either your focused player, which should be a tank or if there is no focus, your pet.

Where's the gold?

Time to find out!
  • Every monster can drop coffer keys, idols and scarabs. Each sell for 20-200g.
  • Certain vanilla end game profession recipes are obtained from here too and are VERY valuable, but have low drop rates. If you find such item and are not sure how much you should sell it for, leave a comment!
  • You will find lots of greenies. They all DE into GEEs and Illusion Dust! Anubisaths even drop essences!
  • Some monsters drop an Obsidian chunk that can be mined. It may contain valuable gems!
  • Your bags will be full of grey items, but they are not worthless.
  • Each boss drops even 3 old class skill books that sell for 10g to a vendor.
  • Each boss drops 20g ish as pure gold. AQ40 bosses drop 50g ish instead.
  • Each boss drops epics that often have a decent vendor price.
  • Each boss may drop an enchanting recipe. These are BOP, but VERY valuable when sold as scrolls!
  • Moam often drops Plans: Black Grasp of the Destroyer. It's BOE and may sell for even 1000g.
  • There are coffers scattered around the instances. If you find a key, don't forget to peek inside!
And that's not even all. Find out the rest yourself! ;)

Protip: Disenchanting greenies and mining the Obsidian chunks will make you rich. Don't forget Bountiful Bags guild perk for possible double loot!

Note: Since the removal of keyring, Coffer Keys have not been dropping anymore. It's a bug and will be fixed soon(tm) according to a GM.

List of soloable AQ bosses
Thanks to Durendil for the partial list!

Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
All soloed at level 80. YouTube

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
Skeram: Killed YouTube
Bug trio Killed YouTube
Sartura Killed YouTube
Fankriss Killed YouTube
Huhuran: Killed YouTube
Viscidus: Killed YouTube
Ouro: Killed YouTube
Twin emperors: Killed
C'thun: Not killed

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Anonymous said...

As opposed to taking the time to level to 10. All you need to do is have one person that you find level 10 or higher to join your group for 10 seconds. Convert to raid and enter the raid. After you are in you can kick the other party member and you get to stay in the raid with no problem. Even when there are no guildmates around a quick /who stormwind will get you tons of people for a quick invite.

Austacker said...

On the raid thing, remember that if you do any BG raid instance like Tol Borad or Wintergrasp, there's always a few players who will either stay in group after the run to farm (or better yet) go offline without dropping group. Instant raid group!

Incidently, the gold you're proposing on the drops are pretty much 'best case scenario' situations. For the most part, you won't make 3k on a run. You could 'possibly' do it, but a lot of the big numbers will come purely from RNG rare drops in patterns & recipies as much as anything.

Kuja said...

Indeed. It depends on RNG. I've never made less than 1k g or more than 3k g from one AQ20 and half of AQ40. Someone else might double that, some only half.

If you want proof, read on!

*** First rule ***

Kill every trash mob! Bosses are second priority.

Here's a breakdown from the loots from one of my runs. Note that AQ loot, like scarabs and idols do not sell instantly. Might take weeks to get rid of them all.

** Eternal Essences ** Gave me about 710g. Each sold for 60-80g.

** Idols and scarabs ** Only 3 idols have sold, each for 120g. I've lost count of scarabs, but I think 15 was sold, each for 20-25g. Adding about 705g to the profits.

** Plans for the Moan weapon ** Sold for 800g

** Loot from Obsidium ** Roughly 90g

** Direct coin drops from bosses ** 330g ish

** Vendor items ** 80g ish

Total: 2715 if I can count

And it doesn't even include Illusion Dusts for example, which often sell for 17g EACH! :D

And if you're lucky and find a valuable recipe, you can make even 1000g per scroll, or if the recipe is BOE, who knows how much a collector would pay! 5k for a green recipe is not unheard of.

Kuja said...


That's the faster option, aye!

But it doesn't work for me at least. For some reason everytime I'm solo farming in Sunwell Plateau, I get a DC about 1-4 times in the time I spent farming there. If I'm not in a raid group, I'd find myself outside the instance after logging back in, I assume.

Then I'd have to find an another person, many times!

Also if you have enchanting, you can make up for the "wasted" time by simply cliking DE when a greenie pops up. Unless you use an addon that does that even when not in a group.

Nev said...

Thanks Kuja, great tip - I didn't know you could form a raid group with even a lvl 10! I'm a wrath baby so I entered AQ for the first time ever only a few weeks ago - I really want the red battle tank thingy for my mount collection so I guess I will try the trial account thing.

Unknown said...

how do you approach it with a ret pally anything different or just tank and spank kind of thing

Kuja said...


I've cleared it with a ret pally at level 80 and it was easy as pie. No special tactics required. Though the Anubisath may give you trouble if your dps is too low, as they like to throw meteors at you.

Unknown said...

wat do you recommend me doing for making the most gold im a scribe and a herbalist and i need lots of gold how can you make a lot of gold through those professions best route to take kind of thing i know you have some posts bout how to help but just kinda wondering newer ideas you might have been looking all around for things to make huge bank lol

Kuja said...


As a scribe I buy all the cheap Cata herbs (Mainly Cinderbloom), mill them, create glyphs and Darkmoon Cards.

There is little point farming them as they only sell for abot 8g/stack, at least on my realm. You could try gathering more expensive herbs though, like Goldthorn in Dustwallow Marsh.

You can also try selling Fortune Cards and Enchanting Vellums.

Unknown said...

awsome thanks for your help :)

Nilliel of Outland EU said...

Skeram is a real pain the ass as a warlock or perhaps any other caster as well, I've gotten close to a kill only because of insane RNG. I don't believe most caster classes can solo him, on a side note, I see you've linked Jider's video but haven't placed C'thun in the killed list, I suppose that is because the kill is dodgy to pull of?

Kuja said...


I haven't seen C'thun getting soloed yet :) Should be challenging!

Nilliel of Outland EU said...

Well, the video you linked for Twin Emps, in the same video C'thun got soloed.

Kuja said...


True, but it's also an exploit so I don't count it as soloing, same goes for Twin Emps so I shouldn't have mentioned that either, but I'll leave it as it is :)