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Crafted Transmog Gold Making - Part 1

It has been a while! 😲 WoW has been pretty boring in the past couple of expansions, so I haven't had much interest in it, thus the lack of posting. But it's time to talk more. Overall in my gold making journey in wow, I have made most of my gold from transmogs, and crafted transmogs have been a big part of it. Farming transmogs can however be a bit tiresome and has already been discussed many times, so in the next few posts I'll be discussing transmogs that you can craft yourself! These sell usually even faster than rare transmogs that you can get as a lucky drop, and their value is also very high typically. So definitely worth it, even if you have to make a new alt with the missing professions! This method is for Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers and Tailors.

Crafted transmogs wow
Crafted Transmog
Easier to obtain, Easier to sell & More gold for you!


To Timbermaw Hold!

First crafted transmogs you can obtain from the Timbermaw Hold in Felwood, Kalimdor. Fastest way to get here is to take the portal to Mount Hyjal from your capital city. To gain access to these plans and patterns you need to be Exalted with the Timbermaw Hold. Now you might be thinking that "But that will take forever! It's not worth the time.", but that is incorrect. It's one of the fastest reputation grinds, and there's barely any grinding required either!

felpaw village location
To gain reputation with the faction,
you can farm hostile deadwood furbolgs in the Felpaw Village, right next to Timbermaw Hold.

These give decent reputation per kill, and also often drop Deadwood Headdress Feathers, which you can turn in 5 at a time (Repeatedly) back in Timbermaw Hold for a whopping 2000 reputation per turn in!

These guys also respawn very fast, so it's not possible to run out of furbolgs to kill, even if you are doing your farming with a speed set.

Speaking of speed sets, I believe I haven't touched that subject yet for some reason, so I'll be talking more about that hopefully sooner than later to make your farming much more efficient!

There's also quests you can do to gain even more reputation. The questing starts at the Emerald Sanctuary, in south Felwood, which then leads on to Timbermaw hold for more quests.

Time to start making gold!

Once you are exalted, it's time to talk to the timbermaw hold reputation vendor, Meilosh, who is the white furbolg inside the timbermaw hold.

timbermaw hold reputation vendor
Look for the white furbolg

Meilosh will provide all kinds of recipes for professions, but you'll be mainly interested in the BOE equipment you can craft as a blacksmith, leatherworker or a tailor.

These recipes are pretty simple and not too expensive to create.

Items like Warbear Leather, Arcanite Bars and Living Essences are at least for me the more expensive reagents to purchase, so I usually tend to farm them myself. They are also very simple to create or farm yourself.

Here's the best ways to obtain these.

warbear leather farming wow

Warbear Leather can be obtained by skinning corrupted bears in the Tainted Forest of Blasted Lands, just next to the Dark Portal itself. There's other places too, but this is the most popular one.

You do need a bit of classic skinning skill before you can start to get the more valuable leathers.

living essence farming wow
My favourite Living Essence farming spot is not far from the warbear leather farm! Just head south a little bit past the big scary tree until you find big mushrooms and Bog Lords. These have about a 4% chance of dropping a Living Essence. Just run around the mushrooms in a circle, spamming any ranged attack on the Bog Lords. Once there's piles of corpses, loot and repeat. They also respawn super fast, so you don't need to wait around, even if farming on a speed twink.

Arcanite Bars just need Arcane Crystals and Thorium Bars, which you can get by mining thorium veins. My favourite Arcane Crystal farms are Silithus and Winterspring. Silithus is the easiest, as you can just circle around the zone, while Winterspring needs you to use the routes addon with gathermate if wanting to be efficient.

If you're visiting Blasted Lands, don't forget to check the other gold making tip, how to make gold in Blasted Lands. This can be easily combined with Warbear Leather and Living Essence farming to maximize your gold making.

Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!

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