Monday, April 1, 2019

Gold making with the Transmorpher Beacon

You may have heard of the new ingame shop toy, called the Transmorpher Beacon. While it's the best toy ever just because of how cool it is, it's even useful to goblins who care little about that, but like to make gold instead!

transmorpher beacon gold making in wow
Transmorpher Beacon
Make that gold investmet pay itself back!

Transmorpher Gold making
The point of this gold making tip is to use the Transmorpher Beacon's 1 hour cooldown wisely. Before you pop it, have some people in your group, and make them pay for that sweet 20 minute buff!

People value costumes differently. This is why I personally don't ask a specific amount of gold in return, but allow people to pay whatever it's worth to them. I've seen people give anywhere from some silver and apples to thousands of gold.

This works mainly when there's quite a bit of people online, as most people aren't interested in costumes. Sometimes no one is interested, and sometimes so many, that I have to make a raid group instead!

Thankfully the toy does not share it's hour long cooldown among all alts, so you can just switch your character and sell an another cooldown on that one. Then repeat until no one is interested anymore. It's a good idea to also experiment on both Horde and Alliance side, as sometimes there's a big difference.

What is great about this is that it's not a limited thing to sell. While a person may want to buy an enchant once a week, some people want to buy this every hour. Quite a few people are regulars already that I've sold my cooldowns to, and those pay much more for it.

As usually, experiment with different macros to try on the trade channel, until you find one that works the best for you. I'd recommend to also try offering it for free, but also tell that you love tips! Or allow them to transmorph for free, and then recommend a tip, depending on how well they like their new appearance.

Also, if you ever want to farm instances, but can't decide where to do it, see what the toy transforms you into, and go meet your doppelganger. Lady Sacrolash? Go farm Sunwell Plateau!

But it's so expensive!
So is it worth the investment? I purchased it just because I love all toys that transform you into something. And there's no guarantees that people on your realm want to puchase your cooldowns actively. So spending real money on it and making gold is way slower than it would be to buy a token and sell that for gold instead. But if you have spare gold laying around, and you too enjoy costume toys, I would highly recommend you to buy a token, and convert it into blizzard balance.

But if you're short on gold, you'd best to use other gold making methods first. Perhaps pick one from the suggestions below?

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