Friday, March 11, 2011

Silithus farming, up to 6000g in 60 minutes - WoW Gold Guide

Many people have forgotten this place. It's where the air and earth elementals are found. But for example, Essence of Air still sells for even 200g on some realms. Most of the time the AH is empty and you can decide the prices yourself! Average price is however about 15g. So let's say you find 45 of them in a hour and they sell for 20g each, thats 900 just from the Air Essences!

But wait, thats not all they drop! They also drop Breath of the Wind and Elemental Air which also are needed by many professions and often auction house has none of them for sale. There's also earth elementals nearby that drop Essence of Earth, Core of Earth and Elemental Earth instead.

After a hour of farming I received:
51 x Essence of Air
24 x Essence of Earth
17 x Elemental Air
12 x Breath of Wind
6 x Core of Earth
6 x Elemental Earth
And lots of other items!

Which gained me about 2000g according to auctioneer if I want to sell them ASAP. 4000g if I have patience, 6000g if I monopolize the items by attempting to be the only person selling these items. Even though there is no competition on my realm, they sadly wont sell instantly even if I take the short route, since mostly profession levelers need them. Might take a week to get rid of them all! Better to not overfarm this spot.

This method was last tested prior to Cataclysm as a level 80 character.

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Unknown said...

as u did it with a lvl 80 character, that means a lvl 85 can do even more in 1 hour .. and thats Pro :D

Thanks man! Zappella

Kuja said...

Indeed :) But you might even kill too fast and not get enough respawns!

Unknown said...

yah, didnt think of that.. havent tried it yet, but i know alot of those places like that that has insane respawn time tho ..