Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Easy and fast gold making - Alt friendly!

Here's an easy and chill gold making tip. This will be very useful, if you got lots of alts on standby! Why not put them into use, like at a gold farm? Your farm in Valley of the Four Winds is still a very good place to farm some quick gold, even today in Battle for Azeroth! Just need to pick the right seed to plant.

gold farming in battle for azeroth
Quick Gold Farming for Alts
Your old farm is still a gold mine!
Time to farm gold!
When you first enter Sunsong Ranch in Valley of the Four Winds, your farming space is very limited! You'll need to do some questing first to get lots of farming space. To start, just talk to Farmer Yoon and follow a lengthy quest chain.

You basically need to do the daily quests nearby until you have reached Exalted with the Tillers, to get the last rubble removed from the farm. But once you have reached Revered with one character, you can purchase a Grand Commendation of the Tillers from the quartermaster Gina Mudclaw, which unlocks a 100% reputation boost for all your other characters.

This will be the annoying part! But once that is taken care of, you can make even a thousand gold daily in just a couple of minutes on any character that has the farm unlocked fully.

Once you are ready to start farming, you should check your realm's prices on different Mists of Pandaria materials.

To see the available seeds, visit Merchant Greenfield in The Halfhill Market. You can go to the comments tab to find a very useful table of resources a seed can give.

Most of the seeds are for growing food, which is totally useless. So you should only focus on the seeds that are for growing trade goods. The seed bags are what you should be purchasing, so you can
seed 4 patches in one click!

tentacle plants
Watch out for the tentacle plants! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Personally I grow Snakeroot plants, as Ghost Iron Ore and White/Black Trillium ore is still very much needed even this day. A single harvest gives usually almost 10 of each ore, which is about 800 gold for me currently.

If you have mining profession available, it's usually more profitable to smelt the trillium into Trillium Bars. And if you have an alchemist too, transmuting that into Living Steel should be even more profitable!

Why I like this method is because I can just log out my alts that I don't play with at the farm, and log in to them once per day to spend a couple of minutes farming! It's usually about 6000+ gold a day for me with very little effort. And even more if I process the materials before selling.

This has been a relatively popular gold making method since MOP, and it still is very lucrative in Battle for Azeroth.

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