Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WOD Blacksmithing & Leatherworking Gold Guide

Now when many of you are level 100 and geared up, it's time to start making tons of gold in Draenor and beyond! Let's talk a few professions first. People that have Tannery and Forge may have noticed they have tons of leather and ingots sitting around without any clear way to put it into use. Particularly this one is extremely lucrative during the first few months, and has already made me over 200k gold just from a few minutes of work. But as time passes, it will lose it's effect. So act fast!

wod professions gold guide
Blacksmithing and Leatherworking Gold Guide
How to make gold with BS and LW in Warlords of Draenor

Leatherworking and Blacksmithing
This method focuses on putting  Burnished Leather and  Truesteel Ingots into use. You will have lots of these if you use the daily cooldowns every day and have your work order list full in Forge and Tannery.

As you may have guessed, the new recipes for crafting epic BOE equipment will be the gold maker here. At least until Highmaul raiding has been going on for a while. Not only are their ilvl 640, they can be equipped even by a level 91 person. Few pieces of these makes it extremely easy to level, which you should keep in mind when selling these pieces on trade chat. AH fees usually eat thousands of wow gold if you have little to no competition and can price your items good.

These 640 epics can also be upgraded to 655 and beyond. But the cost is so great that it's often more profitable to create 2 level 640 items instead.

Choosing what to Craft
The recipes themselves are very cheap, costing only 1 Secret of Draenor usually, but the reagents are often a hundred burnished leather or truesteel ingots. So you can craft only one piece every few weeks. This means you have to think carefully which item to produce. Every piece of gear gives 10 skill ups, and once you have the profession maxed, you'll get a lot more leather and ingots from daily cooldown, speeding up your crafting.

First step is to check the auction house which of the items have least availability.

wod leatherworking gold guide

In this case there's only 3 of the 8 leatherworking items available, so it would be wise to craft any but the 3. But when choosing the item, you should also think how fast people would be replacing them. Especially pieces that have set bonuses available, like chest and pants are not the best choice. It's often a better idea to craft bracers or boots instead.

Usually no one sells boots on my realm and as they are not getting replaced by set tier boots once raiding starts, people are ready to pay more for them. I ask no more than 99k wow gold per pair of boots personally, and it usually sells in a few hours the few times I have crafted it, even if other pieces are going for half the price.

But should someone be selling every piece of gear for less than that, it's often a better idea to wait for auctions to expire, and then do the selling. People are willing to pay a LOT more than 50k per piece. And don't use the auction house to do the selling. Trade chat for the win!

So if these items do not have competition on your realm, I would recommend to focus on them.



As you can see, they are not cheap! Ore can be obtained for free from your Garrison Mine and converted to Truesteel Ingots through your daily cooldowns and work orders from Garrison Forge.

Same with burnished leather, except you need Tannery for work orders. Beast Hides can be obtained from the auction house and from Barn.
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FFXIV gil said...

should someone be selling every piece of gear for less than that?

mikerhinos said...

On my realm, these ilvl640 items are around 1000g to 2000g now, thanks to the jungle where you can almost full set your character in ilvl650 in 1 day only by joining a rare elite farming group...So even at that price I rarely sell one.
Blizzard make things, Blizzard destroy things.
Garrison are now totally useless, and I put a huge amount of gold in my 3 lvl3 garrisons to be able to craft these ilvl640 equipment.
Sure it's lvl91, but it takes only a few days to get from 91 to 100, so why bother spending thousands of gold on equipment ?
Sure you can boost it, but the jungle ilvl650 too just by doing a few dailies.