Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Farming in Zangarmarsh - 1650 gold in 30 minutes - WoW Gold Guide

There's some easy gold to be made in some of the Outland zones, especially for Engineers. This time I'll tell you how to make gold in Zangarmarsh, mainly from it's Swamp Gas clouds and while flying around the zone, why not loot the treasure chests you run into aswell!

Gathermate 2, Routes and NPCScan addons in action

Nothing to see here, it's just swamp gas!
Swamp Gas clouds contain motes of water. Usually 3-5 per cloud, and there's a lot of them out there! To extract the motes from a cloud, you need a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. This can be obtained from a level 62 quest in Zangarmarsh. The reward is a schematic though, so you'll have to craft it. Click here to see the faction specific quests.

It's often more cheap to buy the raw materials and craft the required items yourself, so here's the basic materials for the mote extractor:
  • 16 x Fel Iron Ore
  • 40 x Motes of Life
  • 1 Thorium Ore
  • 1 Arcane Crystal
  • 1 Ironweb Spider Silk
You need mining, alchemy and engineering to put the above materials into use. If you don't have those, I'd ask around before buying expensive Arcanite Bars and Arcanite Converters from the AH.

While carrying the mote extractor, nearby gas clouds appear on the minimap, as if tracking them. This makes the farming even faster as you don't need to pay attention to the ground, just the minimap.

If you use gathermate and routes addons, you can create a nice route like on the picture above, and follow it easily again only by paying attention to the minimap. I made a route that includes treasure chests and swamp gas clouds. If you have mining or herbalism, you might want to include some of the valuable ores or herbs in the list.

Treasure Chests and Primals
If you are below level 70, you will also receive a nice exp boost per chest looted, as you may have noticed. Though not owning an epic flying mount cuts the gains notably. Personally I do all the farming which requires a flying mount on my paladin, just because of crusader aura.

While flying around the zone for 30 minutes I found the following:
  • 9 x Primal Water
  • 4 x Treasure Chests
Ever wondered what those
floating clouds were?

A Primal Water is very valuable since no one is selling these usually. You can ask whatever you want for one! Though I'd keep the price at around 150g each. They do not sell instantly though, as they aren't absolutely necessary for anything.

The blue equipment from chests sell for 60-200g usually, depending on how useful it is. These are a slow seller though, but not because of the three digit price, so no point reducing the price too much.
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