Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grand Black War Mammoth Solo Farming - WoW Gold Guide

Like always, when an expansion is released, previous raids become at least partially soloable at some point. This means most of WOTLK raids are now soloable. Personally I do my soloing mostly as a hunter, death knight or paladin and so far have been able to solo Sartharion, Malygos, Archavon, Koralon, Onyxia and some bosses in Naxxramas, Ulduar and ICC. These are not only fun to solo, but they can also be very profitable. A boss often drops 180-300g and epics that can be disenchanted and then shattered into essences.

Some bosses have unique loot though, such as mounts. While mounts are not directly related to gold making, I will still create a list of rare mounts (that are soloable). These are found in the Free Epic Mount category for now. After all, who does not like those shiny mounts that are not seen every day!

I will start the list with the Archavon mount.

Image source: wowhead.com

Vault of Archavon, Wintergrasp - SOLO
Personally I start my weekly WOTLK mount runs by clearing Vault of Archavon. While the mount is not pretty and is quite useless as it can't fly, I've been mainly after the Grand Black War Mammoth because the kill is trivial and requires no more than a few minutes. It's a small 1% ish drop, but at least he drops a few hundred gold coins and a few epics everytime which are valuable when DE'd and shattered, and eventually the mount too.

Enrage timer: 5 minutes
Notable Loot: Grand Black War Mammoth

Enrage timer: Soft enrage
Notable Loot: Grand Black War Mammoth

Koralon has a soft enrage timer which can become a problem if your dps is not high enough.

If you want to have 2 additional attempts per week or feel lucky, you need a few more people to kill the 2 other bosses.

If you are interested in soloing a raid, but are not sure how to do it, check if someone else has done it.

For example, go to youtube and search for: class solo archavon 85

Is my gear enough?
Most of the time you need a lot of health. Dps does not matter if you can't keep yourself alive. PVP gear is highly recommended for soloing raids. It offers a lot of health and also great dps. The pieces have one less useful secondary stat and usually crap socket bonuses, but does not impact your DPS unless you don't have anything but PVP gear on. So if you have Zandalari epics or quest greenies on, spend some time PVPing to get you geared up for solo raids.

What classes are the best for soloing?
So far I've seen all classes soloing raids equally, but it mainly depends on your skill, gear and how much heals you have available. Magi are the only class I haven't seen soloing much, mainly because of the lack of heals.

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Faid said...

If your goal is to get a mammoth you're screwing yourself if you're not killing the other bosses. Even if you have to take 1-2 more people to get them all you get 3 more shots at a mammoth per week. On the run in Wrath when I got mine all three (Only three bosses were out at the time) dropped a mammoth that run. Silly not to do all of them.

Kuja said...

I focus on solo methods only. Also, many prefer to solo 2 out of 4 bosses and keep all the loot themselves, rather than get 2 more chances and have to compete with other rolls. Often it's someone else who gets the highest roll, at least from my experience :)